We started the Southern Brewers Festival to celebrate the tradition of consuming beer that started way back in the early century

Southern Brewers Festival - History

Many beer festival revelers don’t know how the festivities began. Beer festivals began with a wedding commemoration. The crown prince of Bavaria, King Ludwig 1 of the future, married Sachsen-Hildburghausen’s Princess Therese. Located in southern Germany, Bavaria was only four years old as a Kingdom. The royal family invited the entire Munich, Bavaria’s capital, to the wedding. It did so to build up national unity and the celebrations took place outside the gates of the city in open fields. Today, the fields are known as Theresienwiese (Therese’s meadow), or Wies’m in short form. The wedding celebration took place for six days and over 10,000 people were in attendance. The fields hosted a horse race, a parade and a fair.

The Southern Brewers Festival Today

Today, beer consumption goes hand in hand with savory meals. Just like other beer festivals around the world, we set our event after the Carnival season, around Lent.

We have a large hall and event venue where we host the festival every year. The annual sensation transform the Southern Brewery into a huge party that draws hundreds of thousands from across the region and the rest of the world.

Every guest is served beer in a liter-mug filled with their favorite brew. They sing to Bavarian and other interesting beer tunes, and dance on tables to celebrate our beer.

Many Southern Brewers Festival revelers don’t know the history of their favorite beverage; beer has its roots back centuries ago in a monastery where hungry monks brewed Starkbier rich in calories to drink during Lent.

With the historic, delicious beer, many festivities and breweries have sprang up over the years, including the Southern Brewers Festival.

We established Southern Breweries Festival to celebrate our own beer, brewed in our own brewery. Our festival features over 80 beer varieties, including the most popular and your favorite beer brands.

Despite the history of beer and festivities in Munich, we give our event an American spin for the Americans.

Sharing Our Beer and Happiness with the Public

At Southern Brewers, we create tasty beers that satisfies the thirst and hunger of our customers. Our brewing license allows us to share our beer and joy with other beer lovers around and from far places.

We started the Southern Brewers Festival to celebrate the tradition of consuming beer that started way back in the early century. The festival celebrates our own beer made from our brewery and other popular brands.

Just like other popular beer festivals, ours begins with satirical and cynical jokes. We open the festival with a show that makes fun of celebrities and politicians before allowing guests inside the event venue.