9 Ways You Should Prepare for a Craft Beer Festival

There might be a limit to the variety of craft beers you see at the bar, however, there’s no end to the numbers of craft beers at a beer festival

You may have it in mind to hit one of these festivals to enjoy an array of delicious beers with all the aesthetics of wooden furniture set up that looked like crafted by professional woodworkers. However, preparing for a beer fest isn’t as simple as uncorking a beer. That’s why, you have to plan so that you can make the most out of your stay at the festival.

There are several things you can do to show up for this shindig like a legend. See them below:

1. Sleep Well a Night Before

A good sleep a night before the occasion will give you the stability you need to witness the events piled up for the festival. It’s wrong to doze off, feel sleepy, or be absentminded at a festival like craft beer. The more you enjoy every moment, the more value you’ve placed on your ticket. So get enough rest before the D-Day. 

2. Get Some Food Ready

Bottles of alcohol can’t replace a pack of food. It’s healthy to have some edibles in your tummy before gulping even one pant of craft beer. The food will aid metabolism to help you function adequately at the festival like participating in sport activities lined up for the event.

What you shouldn’t do is overfeed yourself after all; it’ll only bring discomfort. A plate of solid meal an hour before a beer spree will do some good. You may want to keep some snacks and cookies in your bag just in case you crave for them.

3. Stay Hydrated

How many glasses of water do you drink a day? You should drink more and ensure that you’re well-hydrated before and as you bask in the spirit of the beer festivity. Alcohol increases your need to pee, which in turn reduces the fluid in your body. This reduction may worsen a hangover. So let your water bottle be part of the gratification.

4. Ticket

You have to purchase your tickets and ensure that you can present them at the venue to enjoy the occasion. Don’t just get digital tickets with the intention of scanning them in the arena. This act can be risky, as losing your phone may mean no festival for you. So we advise that you print your tickets in hand for the number of beers you want to savor.

5. Prepare With Your Friends

A beer festival in the company of friends gives more pleasure to the drinkers. Before leaving for the event, ensure that you contact your friends preparing to attend the same event. Make a plan to assemble at a particular spot in or outside the festive ground. You can create a WhatsApp group to this end for effective communication. This gesture would make your preparation more exciting and increase your confidence in having a good time at the event.

6. Returning Home

Preparing for a craft beer festival also means planning for your safe return from the occasion. We advise that you stay away from driving after gulping bottles of alcohol in days.

Ensure to arrange a safe drive back home as you prepare to go. You can order a Uber, or utilize public transport to and from the festival venue.

7. Go Through the Beer List

As expected, craft beer festivals are a hub of varieties of beers. Therefore, to be proactive, you should have a look through the list of craft beers that will be present at the fest. Doing so will help you decide both the old and new drinks you’ll like to try out first.

8. Decide to Drink Responsibly

Beer contains alcohol, and no matter the percentage of ABV in a beer, you shouldn’t drink yourself to stupor. Be responsible with those bottles. Don’t be the reason attendees would have a good laugh, or the security would have a hard time. Take some shots and have some breaks in between to enjoy the festival as planned.

9. Decide to Have Fun

You’re there to have fun, so see to that. Don’t get carried away by preparation or some negative distractions at the fest. If anyone happens to step on your toe, don’t pay too much attention to it and be nice to everyone around so others can have a good time also.

Having known the best way to prepare for a craft beer festival, there’s no stopping you from attending and indeed having a good time.