About Us- Southern Brewers Festival

If you are looking for a blog that tells you about all that happens at a beer festival, then you are in the right place. Southern Brewers Festival is an informational site that provides tips, guides, and updates on all beer festival matters. 

Southern Brewers Festival is a one-stop-shop when you want to sample all manner of beer brands and meet who is in the hard stuff industry.


To equip you with the right knowledge when it comes to beer brands, manufacturers, the mixing process, and market trends in the beer industry.

We strive to provide factual and reliable information for we understand our readers. We ensure we give you value for your time on our blog.


In a decade, we will be talking about town and reference point any time you are looking for information on the beer festival.

Our team of writers is dedicated to conducting virtual and physical research such that the information provided on our blog has scientific proof.

Who should attend a beer festival?

  • Beer brand ambassadors
  • Novice in the beer business
  • Loyal beer customers
  • Marketers
  • Beer manufacturing company representatives
  • Partners in beer companies

What of beer festival event planners? What are the factors they need to put into consideration?

Planning a beer festival requires business wisdom. It’s a delicate yet, lucrative industry.

Remember, you are only targeting a specific population.

It would help if you considered the following factors to make it a successful event

  • Use social media as the primary marketing strategy
  • Set the date that is convenient for all
  • Choose a central location as your venue
  • Get hold of big brands to grace the occasion- it’s an attractive tool
  • Allow people to display their products without interfering with their arrangement
  • Communicate the theme early enough to prevent confusion on a material day

Even if you tried a sip of beer, you have no reason to attend this event. There is a lot to learn, especially business principles.

You don’t have to be a beer consumer to participate in the game. It’s a function with a come-one-come-all policy.

Attend and have all the fun. Don’t wait for people’s testimonies about the festival, be part of it.